PROGRAM          Data Assimilation Research Program

Monsoon School on Mathematical and Statistical Foundations

School venue:

TIFR Centre for Applicable Mathematics

Address and detailed directions:

A photo of the building (which is the only 4-floor tall building in the neighbourhood):

A general map showing a few useful places nearby:

  • Accommodation for all the lecturers of the school is at the TIFR Centre itself.
  • Accommodation for some of the students is again at the TIFR centre itself while for some students it is at the "Mandara hostel" which is right next door (as seen on the map above).

Lectures and tutorials will be at the seminar room of TIFR Centre on the ground floor (or possibly on the first floor classroom, depending on the rennovation work that is ongoing).


We will arrange for a 15-20 seater bus to leave IISc. at 7:45am the first day (Monday 04 July) from the parking space on the street opposite IISc library (the usual place from where buses for JNCASR or NCBS leave -- please inquire with students/security in IISc if you are not familiar with the place), and same one for going back that evening. The timings for the second day will be declared later.


International Conference


Conference venue:

Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (CAOS) at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc).

A map of the campus, highlighted to show CAOS, ICTS, and the accommodation at
"greenpath" (see below) is at

  • Accommodation for the speakers is at the "Green Path" (10 or 15 minutes walking distance from CAOS):

The talks will be at the "Divecha Centre seminar room" in the CAOS building.