Workshop on
Bloch-Kato Conjectures
July 17--July 21, 2012
to be followed by
Pan Asian Number Theory Conference
July 23--July 27, 2012
IISER, Pune, India


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The aim of the Workshop will be to present a detailed proof of the highly important case of Bloch-Kato Conjectures for the values of the Riemann zeta function at the odd positive integers. The special values of the Riemann zeta function have been important in Number Theory since the work of Euler in the eighteenth century. In the 1970's, A. Borel proved that the values at the odd positive integers were linked to K-theory via regulator maps. As an important special case of general conjectures, Bloch and Kato refined Borel's work to give an exact arithmetic formula for these values. This Bloch-Kato conjecture has subsequently been proven with major contributions by Bloch, Kato, Huber, Kings, Soulé and Wildeshaus. No self-contained account of this important body of work exists at present in the literature, and we hope to fill this gap. A detailed and comprehensible account of the full proof will be presented at the workshop. We plan to include as much relevant background material as possible. This workshop will be a great opportunity for young researchers and students to acquaint themselves with the current state of the subject.   

IISER Pune is among the new premier teaching and research institutes. started by the Government of India. It is located in the culturally interesting and technologically developing city of Pune in the Western mountainous range of India. The closest airport is Mumbai, and IISER Pune is around 150 kms from Mumbai Airport. The other major cities in India have flight connections to Pune Lohegaon AIrport, which is around 20 kms from the IISER.