The program will adopt the following daily schedule throughout the two weeks:

08:00–10:00: breakfast (served at the cafeteria)
10:00–10:50: lecture slot 1
11:00–11:30: morning coffee/tea break (served by the lecture hall)
11:30–12:20: lecture slot 2
12:45–14:00: lunch (served by the lecture hall)
14:30–15:20: lecture slot 3
15:30–16:30: evening tea (served at the cafeteria)
16:30–17:20: lecture slot 4
17:30–18:20: lecture slot 5
18:30–19:20: lecture slot 6
19:00–21:00: dinner (served at the cafeteria)

The assignment of slots will be as follows.

Week 1 (6th-10th February): Minicourses

Slots Monday 6 Tuesday 7 Wednesday 8 Thursday 9 Friday 10
1 Speight I Garner I Garner II Garner III Speight IV
2 Romão I Speight II García-Prada II García-Prada III Romão IV
3 García-Prada I Romão II Speight III Romão III García-Prada IV
4         Garner IV
6 Woodward I Woodward II Woodward III Woodward IV  


Additional events on Monday 6th February:
09:50: Informal welcoming address by the Organisers
15:30: Official welcoming session by ICTS Director Prof. Rajesh Gopakumar

Week 2 (13th-17th February): Keynote lectures and research talks

Slots Monday 13 Tuesday 14 Wednesday 15 Thursday 16 Friday 17
1 Dimofte I Dimofte II McBreen Teleman I Teleman II
2 Oh I Álvarez-Cónsul Dedushenko (i) Venugopalan Pingali
3 Ferrari García-Fernandez   Doan Wentworth
4 Bullimore   Hilburn    
5 Manton Oh II Halpern-Leistner Dedushenko (ii)  
6   Favero I Favero II Liu  


Additional event on Monday 13th February:
18:30: Outreach activity and exhibition: "Kōlam: A Western Perspective".