Stellar structure, evolution, collapse and supernovae 

Course plan

  • Massive stars: Evolution and nucleosynthesis
  • Core-collapse supernovae: dynamics. 
  • Core-collapse supernovae: neutrinos & gravitational waves. 
  • Supernova nucleosynthesis. 
  • ​Supernova light curves, spectra and phenomenology. 

Problem sets

Compact binary evolution, rates and population modelling

Course plan 
  • Forming merging binaries: The problem of forming close binaries, Different formation channels, Characteristic properties (masses, spins, redshift). 
  • Physics of binary evolution: Mass transfer, Common envelope physics, Impact of metallicity, Evolution with cosmic time.
  • Introduction to GW data analysis: Three stages of data analysis: detection, parameter estimation, population inference. 
  • Population inference: Hierarchical inference, Derivation of hierarchical inference with selection effects
  • ​Review of LVK results: Models and results, extensions to cosmology, complications when it comes to testing GR.

Suggested reading 

Problem sets