A bootcamp in introductory python programming, which will be of use to people with little or no prior experience in coding, will be conducted for the program participants. This bootcamp is optional. 

The bootcamp will be held on 7, 8, and 9 December from 2-4 pm with the following plan:

  • Day 1 : 

    • Introduction

    • Data Structures in Python and arithmetic

    • Conditional Statements, loops and lists

    • Functions 

    • Homework assignment


  • Day 2 : 

    • Quick discussion on assignment

    • Importing libraries, numpy, scipy, matplotlib, pandas

    • Learning to use reference documentation

    • Plotting data with matplotlib (line, bar, raster)

    • Assignment II


  • Day 3 :

    • Discussion on assignment

    • Some linear algebra and ODEs

    • Loading and saving data. CSV, text file, non human readable binary formats

    • Other specific requirements as they become known