February 16, 2021 (Day 2)
Sl. No. Author/Authors Title of Paper Presentation
1 Apratim Bhattacharya Effective transmission conditions for reaction-diffusion processes in domains separated by thin channels
2 Markus Gahn Correctors and error estimates for reactive-diffusive transport through thin heterogeneous layers for homogenized equations with interface diffusion
3 Sonia Fliss and Laure Giovangigli Time harmonic wave propagation in one dimensional weakly randomly perturbed periodic media
4 Vivek Tewary Bloch wave homogenization of quasiperiodic media
5 Remil Melouka and Bouchkour Hafida Global existence and below up of logarithmic non-linear wave equation with a constant delay term
6 Gianpaolo Piscitelli The monotonicity principle for nonlinear electrical conductivity tomography


February 17, 2021 (Day 3)
Sl. No. Author/Authors Title of Paper Presentation

Georges Griso, Larysa Khilkova, 
Julia Orlik and Olena Sivak

Asymptotic behaviour of structures made of thin beams
2 Sankar K Homogenization of parabolic equation on an evolving domain with rapidly oscillating boundary
3 Timo Sprekeler Numerical homogenization of nondivergence-form equations
4 Abu Sufian Oscillating PDE in a rough domain with a curved interface: homogenization of an optimal control problem
5 Sylvain Wolf Homogenization of the Poisson equation and Stokes system in a non-periodically perforated domain
6 Hari Shankar Mahato Upscaling of evolving microstructures in a porous medium
7 Adiaha, M.S., Chude,V.O.,
Nwaka, G.I.C., and Oku E. E.
Mapping soil organic carbon-soil biodiversity variability in the ecosystem-nexus of tropical soils
8 Bochra Méjri Rock mass properties by the homogenization method