Week 1
Sl. No Name Title Time (mins.)
1 Alexandre Reiffers Opinion shaping in social networks using reinforcement learning 12
2 Anand Deo Limiting Distributional Fixed Points in Systemic Risk Graph Models 8
3 Apoorv Singh On Euclidean k-Means Clustering with alpha-Center Proximity 8
4 Rahul Sharma Refined α-Divergence Variational Inference via Rejection Sampling 8
5 Sanjoy Jhawar Percolation in some planar random graph models 8
6 Shubhada Agrawal Optimal Best-Arm Identification in Multi-Armed Bandits for General Distributions 8
7 Shubham Gupta A Generative Model for Dynamic Networks with Applications 8
8 Vinay Kumar BR Probabilistic forwarding of coded packets on networks 8
Week 2
1 Chetan Pahlajanai Random perturbations of a DC/DC converter 12
2 Bhaskar Mukhoty Globally-convergent Iteratively Reweighted Least Squares for Robust Regression Problems 8
3 Bhumesh Kumar Non-stationary stochastic approximation 8
4 Neha Gupta The Fractional Extension of Standard Poisson Process. 8
5 Somnath Chakraborty Generating an equidistributed ε-net on the sphere (symmetric space) 8
6 Sarath Ampadi Yasodharan Large Time Behaviour and Eigenvalue Problems for Finite State Mean-Field Particle Systems 8
7 Karthik P. N. Learning to Detect an Odd Markov Arm 8
8 Neeraja Sahasrabudhe Consensus via Interacting Urns 12