Date and Time: 20 December 2018, 06:00 pm
Venue: Chandrasekhar Auditorium, ICTS
Artists: Shri Kiran Godkhindi,Shri Sunil D A and Shri Dattatreya Desai


The concert will be a "Jugalbandi" (a performance in Indian classical music, especially in Hindustani classical music, that features a duet of two solo musicians) of flute and tabla. Shri Godkhindi will be playing the tabla along with Shri Sunil and Shri Desai who will perform on the flute. 

Sanjog Bansuri Mahavidyalaya is an institution that trains students in different aspects of Indian classical music. The institute has been training hundreds of students in Flute, Vocal and Tabla. Late Pt. Venkatesh G odkhindi, an eminent vocalist and flautist of India has trained numerous students who are now performing artistes in the world of classical and light music. World renowned flautist Pt. Pravin Godkhindi is now grooming students in the art of playing Bansuri as well as Vocal, while Kiran Godkhindi trains students in tabla.

The Mahavidyalaya was inaugurated by Ustad Zakir Hussain in the year 2002. It has been instrumental in organizing unique concerts from time to time for the past 15 years. Renowned musicians like Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pt. Hariprasad Chourasia, Pt. Shivkumar Sharma, Ustad Sultan Khan, Pt.Vijay Ghate, Vid. Kala Ramnath, Vid. Anoor Ananthkrishna Shrama, Pt. Jayteerth Mev undi, Pt. Venkatesh Kumar, Pt. Ravindra Yavagal, Pt. Vinayak Torvi, famous dancing duo Nirupama- Rajendra and many more senior as well as young talented artistes have been featured in our music festivals.

Shri Kiran Godkhindi is an well known TABLA PLAYER of this generation. He comes from a family of musicians. He started his initial training in Tabla under his father Pt. Venkatesh Godkhindi, an eminent flautist and vocalist of the country, at the tender age of 3yrs. Later on he was trained by various Gurus like Pt. Prabhakar Chari of Goa, Pt. NandaKumar who is the disciple of the legendary table player Ustaad Sheikh Dawood of Hyderabad, Pt. Lalgiriji Goswami, Ustaad Abdullah of Delhi and Pt. Raghunath Nakod of Dharwad. Renowned Tabla players of India like Ustaad Zakir Hussain, Pt. Anindo Chatterji and many others have influenced Kiran a lot. Since he has traveled all over India with his father, he had the opportunity of imbibing the techniques from various Tabla players, thus creating a unique style of his own. He has been performing for the past 35 years with his father Pt. Venkatesh Godkhindi and his younger brother "Surmani" Pravin Godkhindi. He has also been accompanying various artistes in many prestigious concerts around the country and world over. He is a regular performer on the Radio and Television. He is a regular member of “KRISHNA” a fusion band lead by Pravin Godkhindi. He is also part of the “LAYA LAHARI” and “LAYA LAVANYA” percussion ensemble, lead by the ace mridangam artiste Vidwan Anoor Ananthkrishna Sharma.He is a computer eng ineer and at present he is busy in the commercialfield of music in Bangalore. He has been working from his home studio, and producing a variety of music for different purposes like jingles, title songs, dramas, re recordings for T.V. serials and films, music for meditation, voice over, and lot more. He is been training lot many young students in the art of Tabla Playing at Sanjog Bansuri Mahavidyalaya. He is also a visiting faculty at Deccan International School, Bangalore.

Shri Sunil D A is a talented and upcoming musician trained under the tutelage of Pt. Pravin Godkhin di. He is a MBA graduate and hails from musicians family. He is presently a faculty at the Sanjog Bansuri Mahavidyala imparting the knowledge of flute playing to many junior students.

Shri Dattatreya Desai is also a talent from the Sanjog Bansuri Mahavidyalaya. He started plying flute at an early age from Pt. Venkatesh Godkhindi and now is an established flute player in Bangalore. He stood first in the National level music compitition conducted by All India Radio and is now a graded artist of All India Radio and Doordarshan.