Discussion Meeting
Julius, David Grabner, Nikolay Gromov, Aninda Sinha and Pedro Vieira
22 June 2020 to 27 June 2020
Madhava Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore

Mathematica Summer School is a unique international event in theoretical physics, with a long history of success. It has a unique format; the morning sessions are reserved for lecture sessions on theory, by renowned scientists and in the afternoons, students and mentors get together to solve complicated problems using the software Mathematica-a popular computational tool in theoretical physics.

This summer school aims to equip young researchers with skills required to use modern computational tools and to provide them a platform to interact with experts from different mathematical fields, including computer algebra systems.

The topic for the 2019 edition of the Mathematica Summer School is ‘d>2 Conformal Field Theories’. It will focus on using Mathematica to explore physical and mathematical properties of conformal field theories (CFTs), in generic dimensions; an active area of modern mathematical physics. It will also cover various other aspects of CFTs, including integrability, holography, conformal bootstrap, topological sectors and mathematical aspects. The organizers believe, a program such as this will greatly benefit young researchers and have a positive impact on their research in the future.


22 February 2020
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