Discussion Meeting
Subhro Bhattacharjee, Yuval Gefen, Ganpathy Murthy and Sumathi Rao
10 June 2019 to 14 June 2019
Madhava Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore

Topological phases of matter have been at the forefront of research in condensed matter physics for the last 15-20 years. The low energy dynamics of these phases is governed by non-trivial topology, manifest in measurable observables, and having major consequences on the field of quantum Hall effect. The common feature of these systems is that the bulk has a charge gap and transport is mainly through edge or surface states. In recent times, besides the excitement about the new topological phases such as time-reversal invariant topological insulators and topological superconductors, there are many new and unexplained phenomena pertaining to quantum Hall phases (integer and fractional), graphene phases and more, and a workshop focussing on these phenomena will be very useful and timely.

In particular, this workshop will focus on recent work (mainly theoretical, but with some input from experimentalists) in the area of transport and edge dynamics at the boundaries of two dimensional systems including quantum Hall edges, graphene, and topological insulator edges. More specifically, the range of topics include edge reconstruction in quantum Hall syste ms, helical edges in topological insulators, transport through graphene edges and possible reconstructions artificially engineered edges including Floquet edges and parafermions at the edge.

The principal aim of this workshop is to foster interaction and collaborations between the researchers. An important secondary goal is to provide a learning experience for faculty, post-doctoral fellows and relatively experienced students with related expertise wishing to enter the field. In this spirit, we expect to have at least one longer pedagogical lecture each day, followed by 1/2 hour talks on recent results by experts in the field.

Eligibility criteria: We invite applications from senior PhD students, postdocs and faculty who are working in related areas, and have some interest in the field.

Accommodation for outstation/non-local participants will be provided at our on campus ICTS guest house. 


25 February 2019
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