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Amin A. Nizami (Ashoka University)
Date & Time
Wed, 23 August 2023, 15:00 to 16:30
Madhava Lecture Hall and Online

Krylov complexity is a dynamical quantity of importance in holography and in the study of quantum chaos, operator growth and scrambling in many body systems. We extend the notion of Krylov complexity to time-dependent quantum systems. For periodic time-dependent (Floquet) systems, we give a natural and general method for doing the Krylov construction based on Arnoldi iteration and then define operator K-complexity for such systems.  Focusing on kicked systems, in particular the quantum kicked rotor on a torus, we outline results of a detailed numerical study of the growth of the Krylov space dimension and the time dependence of Arnoldi coefficients as well as of the K-complexity when the coupling constant interpolates between the weak and strong coupling regime. Based on  with Ankit Shrestha.

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