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Md Arif Shaikh (Seoul National University)
Date & Time
Thu, 15 June 2023, 15:30 to 17:00
Feynman Lecture Hall and Online

In this talk, I will introduce gw_eccentricity, a Python package for measuring orbital eccentricity from the gravitational waveform. This package, currently, includes six different methods for measuring eccentricity and mean anomaly. Our implementations are robust and can be used to measure very small (10^-5) to very high (0.999) eccentricity. gw_eccentricity can be used on waveforms originating from different formalisms including PN, EOB, NR, and self-force calculations. I will discuss how gw_eccentricity can be used in the postprocessing step of parameter estimation (PE) to obtain a model-independent posterior of eccentricity for eccentric PE.

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