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Larus Thorlacius (University of Iceland)
Date & Time
Mon, 08 June 2020, 15:00 to 16:30
ICTS virtual seminar, Please register at (Links to join the seminars will be sent to your registered email address)

If black hole evaporation is a unitary process, the entanglement entropy between the outgoing Hawking radiation and the quantum state describing the remaining black hole is expected to follow a so-called Page curve as a function of time. A Page curve for an evaporating black hole in asymptotically flat spacetime can be computed analytically by adapting the Quantum Ryu-Takayanagi (QRT) proposal to a solvable two-dimensional dilaton gravity theory. The associated Page time is found to be one third of the black hole lifetime, at leading order in semi-classical corrections. A Page curve can also be obtained for a semi-classical eternal black hole, where energy loss due to Hawking evaporation is balanced by an incoming energy flux.

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