PhD theses supervised


Name Thesis topic PhD Present affiliation
S Ganga Prasath Mechanics of filaments and spherical particles: role of elasticity and hydrodynamic interaction. Co-advisor: Narayanan Menon 2019 Harvard University (soon to join), Postdoctoral Fellow
Ravichandran Sivaramakrishnan The Interplay of Buoyancy, Particle Inertia, and Phase Change in Vortical Flows—Implications for Cloud-flows **This thesis won Honourable Mention 2017 Nordita, Stockholm, Postdoctoral Fellow
Sharath Jose Stratification and rotation effects on plane shear flow stability and transition 2016 IIT Madras, Institute Postdoctoral Fellow
Mamta Raju Jotkar Effects of wall-geometry on the stability of channel flow, and of variable properties on film flow 2016 Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Manoj Tripathi Multiphase flows with evaporation. Co-advisor: Kirti Sahu, registered at IIT Hyderabad. 2013 IISER Bhopal, Faculty member.
Divya Venkataraman Drag reduction by surface-coating of cilia on airfoils. Co-advisor: Alessandro Bottaro, registered in the University of Genova. 2013 ICT Mumbai, Junior faculty member.
Sumesh P Thampi Statics and Dynamics of Drops on Solid Surfaces: Theory and Simulations. **This thesis won the Best Thesis Award 2012 IIT Madras Chennai, Faculty member.
Anubhab Roy Singular Eigenfunctions in Hydrodynamic Stability : The Roles of Rotation, Stratification and Elasticity. Co-advisor: Ganesh Subramanian 2012 IIT Madras Chennai, Faculty member.
Ratul Dasgupta A computational and semi-analytical study of laminar, standing hydraulic jumps 2011 IIT Bombay, Mumbai, Faculty member
Harish N Dixit Some studies on vortices with density stratification 2011 IIT Hyderabad, Faculty member
Gayathri Swaminathan Global stability studies of some spatially developing flows 2011 AIRBUS Industrie, Scientist.
Vinod Narayanan Stability and transition in boundary layers: effect of transverse curvature and pressure gradient 2006 IIT Gandhinagar, Faculty member
Kirti Chandra Sahu Novel stability problems in pipe flows 2006 IIT Hyderabad, Faculty member
A. Sameen Stability of plane channel flow with vis­cosity stratification. Co-advisor: ON Ramesh, registered at IISc. 2005 IIT Madras, Chen­nai, Faculty member


Present PhD students:

Name Thesis area Starting Year
Rashmi Ramadugu (main advisor: Prasad Perlekar) Bubbles and interfaces in turbulence 2013
Sumit Birwa (co-advisor: Narayanan Menon) Impact of solids in viscous media 2013
Ritabrata Thakur Mixing in the Bay of Bengal 2015
Mukesh Singh Raghav (co-advisor: Amit Apte) Atmosphere fluid mechanics 2015
Rahul Chajwa (co-advisors Narayanan Menon and Sriram Ramaswamy) Interaction of solid bodies in viscous media 2015


PhD students elsewhere I have co-advised:

  • Juan Angel Tendero Ventanas, Universidad Polit´ecnica de Madrid.
  • Bijaylakshmi Saikia, IIT Bombay.
  • Erich Essmann, University of Edinburgh.
  • Davide Masiello, University of Edinburgh.


Post-doctoral mentees


  • Sunil Bharadwaj
  • Priyanka Maity
  • Jason Picardo (soon to join IIT Bombay, Mumbai as a faculty member)

Past (with present affiliation as faculty members):

  • Adway Mitra (IIT Kharagpur, soon to join)
  • P Deepu (IIT Patna)
  • Gaurav Sharma (IIT Roorkee)
  • Amol Marathe (BITS Pilani)
  • Vishwanath Sastry (NITK Surathkal)
  • Tapan Naskar (SN Bose Institute)
  • Rajeswari Seshadri (Pondicherry Central University)
  • Ashwin Vaidya (Montclair State University)
  • Soumyajit Mukherjee (IIT Bombay)
  • Gaurav Tomar (IISc Bangalore, informal postdoc).


MS Theses supervised

Name Thesis topic MS
Anirban Sinha Baroclinic instabilities in shear flows (Co-advisor: Jai Sukhatme) 2013
Rohith Swaminathan Merger of multiple vortices 2012
Srikanth Toppaladoddi Vortex shedding patterns, their competition, and chaos in flow past inline oscillating rectangular cylinders 2011
Rahul Bale Transient growth in stratified channel flow 2009
Kaushik Srinivasan Direct numerical simulation of transition in unstably strati­fied Poiseuille flow 2007
Pinaki Bhattacharyya A linear stability analysis of the spatially-developing incom­pressible plane laminar mixing layer using minimal composite theory (co-advisor: R. Narasimha) 2007
Antina Ghosh Simulation of nano-scale flows by molecular dynamics meth­ods (co-advisor: Srikanth Sastry) 2007
Kirti Chandra Sahu Numerical computation of spatially developing flows by full­ multigrid technique 2003


Short term students (one year/ summer/ visitors)

Over 100