Antonio Celani (ICTP, Italy), C. Mathys (SISSA, Italy) and D. Zoccolan (SISSA, Italy)
12 November 2018 to 23 November 2018
ICTP, Trieste, Italy

Artificial intelligence (AI) is undergoing an explosive phase - machines can now accomplish complex specific tasks at a level that exceeds human skills. At the basis of this performance is the ability to understand sensory input from the external world and to associate it with effective strategies to achieve a desired goal.

This advanced school aims to combine different yet strongly coupled perspectives: first, theoretical approaches, which focus on principles, algorithms, and their applications to computer science; second, the relationship with experimental neuroscience, which has inspired the latest generation developments in AI and has, in turn, benefited from the ability of AI to investigate the computations underlying complex cognitive processes; third, applications such as robotics, gaming, etc.

The topics covered include:

  • Deep learning and its relation to vision and language
  • Reinforcement learning and decision making
  • Sensorimotor learning
  • The ethics of artificial intelligence and its impact on society


  1. A. Celani (ICTP - Local Organizer)
  2. C. Mathys (SISSA)
  3. D. Zoccolan (SISSA)

Confirmed Lecturers:

  1. B. Biggio (Cagliari U.)
  2. D. Braun (Ulm U.)
  3. P. Dayan (Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit)
  4. J. Di Carlo (MIT)
  5. B. Kappen (Radboud U., Nijmegen)
  6. T. Lattimore (DeepMind, London)
  7. M. Pelillo (Ca’ Foscari U.)
  8. J. Peters (Technische Universitaet Darmstadt)
  9. L. Rosasco (U. Genova, MIT & IIT)
  10. N. Tishby (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  11. R. Zecchina (U. Bocconi)

Scientific Advisory Committee:

  1. V. Balasubramanian (U. Penn)
  2. M. Diamond (SISSA)
  3. S. Jain (U. Delhi)
  4. V. Krishnamurthy (ICTS)
  5. M. Marsili (ICTP)
  6. R. Pugatch (BEN-GURION U.)
  7. M. Thattai (NCBS Bangalore)
  8. A. Treves (SISSA)

Previous editions of this school

This Winter School is part of the joint ICTP-ICTS Programme in Biology.

This is the seventh school in the series on Quantitative Systems Biology, held alternatley in Trieste and Bengaluru.


How to apply: Online application

Female scientists are encouraged to apply.


A limited number of grants are available to support the attendance of selected participants, with priority given to participants from developing countries. There is no registration fee.
Financial support for students from India is available under the Pratiksha Trust Scholarships, ICTS Bangalore


For applicants requesting financial support: 1 September 2018

For applicants not requesting financial support: 15 October 2018


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