V. Ravindran []
Dilip Kumar Ghosh []
WG Themes

1. Early LHC run : QCD, W,Z production,Underlying events

2. Top quark Physics

3. Higgs(SM + BSM)


5. RS model

6. ED model

7. LHC Inverse problem


Tentative Programme


1) S. Y. Choi :   

a. SUSY breaking Models (non-overlapping talk)

b. Hybrid SUSY Model and related Phenomenology
(discussion leading talk)

2)  Sabine Kraml :

Some aspects of NMSSM (WG discussion leading talk)

3)  A. Nyffeler:

Little Higgs and its variation  (WG discussion leading talk)

4) Rahul Basu

Early LHC run, QCD, W,Z production etc.

5) Manoranjan Guchait

MSSM + DM  (WG discussion leading talk)

6) Shrihari Gopalakrishnan:

RS model (WG discussion leading talk)

7) Xiao-Gang He:

Neutrino mass models at the LHC (non-overlapping talk)

8) Rohini Godbole :

MSSM + 4 generations  (WG discussion leading talk)

9) Rui Santos:

FCNC at the LHC (WG  discussion leading talk)

10) Tania Moulik:

Issues of spin measurements at the LHC (experimental overview talk)

11)  Prakash Mathews :

QCD corrections and its importance at the LHC (WG discussion leading talk)

12)  Satyaki Bhattacharya:

Issues of mass  reconstruction at the LHC (experimental overview talk)

13)  William Kilgore:

Title to be announced (WG discussion leading talk)