Parameswaran Ajith, K. G. Arun and Bala Iyer
25 July 2016 to 05 August 2016
Madhava Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore

Over the last three years ICTS has been organizing successful summer/winter schools on various topics of gravitational-wave (GW) physics and astronomy. Each school from this series aimed at focussing on a particular sub-area (theory, experiment, data science, etc) of GW science. This year, the organization of such a school assumes a special significance: The first direct detection of GWs by the LIGO observatories has been announced on 11 Feb 2016. This confirms a major prediction of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity and opens a fundamentally new observational window onto the Universe.

This year’s school will involve three graduate-level courses in theoretical GW physics.  The lectures will be given by three world leading experts -- Clifford M Will (University of Florida), B. S. Sathyaprakash (Penn State University / Cardiff University), Emanuele Berti (University of Mississippi and Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon).

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