Anish Ghosh, Stefano Luzzatto and Marcelo Viana
23 September 2019 to 04 October 2019
Ramanujan Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore

Ergodic theory has its origins in the the work of  L. Boltzmann on the kinetic theory of gases. The closely related field of dynamical systems has a much older origin, going back at least to Newtonian mechanics. Both subjects have since flourished into extremely active subjects with connections to many parts of mathematics and the physical sciences. Progress has been especially rapid in the last few years in differentiable dynamics and homogeneous dynamics. Differentiable dynamics studies flows on smooth manifolds and has links with geometry while homogeneous dynamics is the study of subgroup actions on homogeneous spaces of Lie groups and has connections to number theory. It is the aim of this two week workshop to gather top experts in these two subjects to deliver expositions on the state of the art in these subjects. The first week will be devoted to differentiable dynamics and the second week to homogeneous dynamics.

During the programme, the Infosys-ICTS Ramanujan lectures will be delivered by Prof. Elon Lindenstrauss and the ICTS Distinguished lectures by Prof. Marcelo Viana.

Invited Speakers

Week 1:

  1. Alex Blumenthal, Maryland, USA
  2. Sylvain Crovisier, Paris Sud, France
  3. Danijela Damjanovic, KTH, Sweden
  4. Carlangelo Liverani, Rome, Italy
  5. Stefano Luzzatto, ICTP
  6. Federico Rodriguez-Hertz, Penn State, USA 
  7. Weixao S hen, Fudan, China
  8. Masato Tsujii, Kyushu, Japan  
  9. Sebastian van Strien, Imperial College, UK       
  10. Marcelo Viana, IMPA

Week 2

  1. Victor Beresnevich*, University of York
  2. S. G. Dani, University of Mumbai
  3. Manfred Einsiedler, ETH Zurich
  4. Alexander Gorodnik, University of Zurich
  5. Seonhee Lim, Seoul National University
  6. Elon Lindenstrauss, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  7. Jens Marklof, University of Bristol
  8. Shahar Mozes, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  9. Amos Nevo, Technion, Haifa
  10. Sanju Velani*, University of York
  11. Barak Weiss, Tel Aviv University

* to be confirmed 

Both weeks will feature research talks by leading mathematicians as well as mini courses. A number of slots will be available in the programme for younger participants to present their research and a poster session will also be organized.

The program is jointly organised and supported by ICTP and IMPA.


20 May 2019
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