Manjari Bagchi (IMSc, India), Sarmistha Banik (BITS-Pilani, India), Sudip Bhattacharyya (TIFR, India), Prashanth Jaikumar (Califormia State University, USA), V. Ravindran (IMSc, India) and Sayantan Sharma (IMSc, India)
17 August 2020 to 21 August 2020

This conference will have talks on cutting edge research on theoretical QCD and its application of the astrophysical properties of compact stars. For the benefit of the students, there will be some lectures on stellar structure and evolution too. This program is a concise virtual version of our original program CSQCD-2020, whose description is given below

Compact stars in the QCD phase diagram (CSQCD) is a biennial international discussion meeting that brings together astroparticle physicists and astrophysicists with the aim of developing theoretical insights into the QCD phase diagram at high baryon density and its applications to the phenomenology of compact stars.

With the dawn of an era of gravitational wave astronomy, CSQCD will serve as a confluence of research on multi-messenger observations of neutron stars, charting promising directions that will uncover the nature of matter in their core. This field is expected to see many breakthroughs in the coming years, with the aid of terrestrial gravitational wave detectors, pulsar timing array experiments, as well as other precise timing campaigns in which the Square Kilometer Array will play a big role. 

The first week of this ICTS program will feature pedagogical lectures covering the following topics based on major themes of CSQCD:

          1. Introduction to Neutron Star (NS) phenomenology
          2. QCD at finite density and Equation of State for NS
          3. Stellar structure and evolution
          4. Dark matter clumping and exotic phases of QCD in NS

We invite applications from graduate students and post-doctoral fellows working in the field of compact stars and their multi-messenger observations. Preference will be given to those with strong interests in pursuing compact star research. 

The second week will be a discussion meeting consisting of research talks by the CSQCD community, a poster session, and dedicated discussion sessions to stimulate collaborations across countries and disciplines. Participation from young postdocs and advanced graduate students in such endeavors will be strongly encouraged.

Eligibility criteria:
Research experience in broad areas of astrophysics/finite density QCD/ astroparticle physics and a strong interest in the subject of compact stars.


31 January 2020
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