V. Anantharam (University of California, Berkeley, USA), Vivek Borkar (TIFR, India), Devdatt Dubhashi (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden), Anurag Kumar (IISc, India), Madhav Marathe (Virginia Technology, USA), G. Rangarajan (IISc, India) and Devavrat Shah (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
02 January 2012 to 13 January 2012
Indian Institute of Science

The new and emerging field of Network Science is based on the simple observation that large human engineered systems (e.g., communication networks, information networks, social networks, etc.) and natural systems can be modeled as networks of entities. Hence, it is possible that common principles can be brought to bear on the analysis, design and control of such systems. In addition, insights gained from networks in one domain could be brought to bear on understanding networks in other domains.

For the past few years, Network Science has been an exploding research area transcending disciplinary boundaries, receiving the attention and inputs from leading figures in mathematics, physics, biology, engineering, and many other disciplines. With this in view, the IISc Mathematics Initiative (IMI) is planning a special year on network science during 2011-2012. In conjunction with this, we have planned an ICTS School and Workshop on Network Science at IISc during January 2012. The purpose of this event will be to take stock of the current developments and trends, to build bridges across disciplines in the Indian research community interested in networks research, and to alert and expose young students and faculty to the potentialities begging for their attention and efforts. While “Network Science” can be very broadly de?ned, the scope of this event will be limited to the domains arising in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and various related tools from Mathematics.

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