Chandan Dasgupta (IISc, India), Raghavendra Gadagkar (IISc, India) and Somdatta Sinha (CCMB, India)
13 January 2010 to 15 January 2010
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

This is a satellite meeting of the ICTS Inaugural Event The evolution of an organized structure requires linking multiple structural and functional entities in a non-random fashion. Innovation and robustness are hallmarks of the evolution of any organization. Researchers in different fields of natural sciences, engineering, social, and behavioral sciences have been studying the evolution and structural determinants of chemical, biological, social, and economic organized structures using their discipline specific tools and vocabulary, often remaining unaware of the convergence of underlying processes and ideas. This symposium, in which several senior researchers from the Santa Fe Institute, USA and other international and national experts on Complexity will participate, aims to bring a multidisciplinary perspective into a diverse set of processes spanning different fields of enquiry to identify and describe the common mechanisms that lead to the evolution of functional and structural organization and their robustness, with a specific role of change in perpetuating the existing or innovating new behavior.

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