PEOPLE Student
International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, Bengaluru
Area of Research:  Astrophysics
  vishnuthulasiraman  ictsresin

I'm an aspiring astrophysicist, having traversed the academic corridors of the Indian Institute of Science, where I obtained my BS-MS degree. The cosmos, a tapestry woven with threads of wonder and enigma, beckons me with its celestial allure, guiding me through the intricate dance of structure formation on scales ranging from the cosmic expanse to the intimate birth of planets.

My intellectual dalliances are graced by the study of clouds and outflows within the galaxies, a beguiling ballet of gases that unfolds against the cosmic canvas. The hydrodynamic interplay that ensues holds the key to unlocking the secrets of galactic evolution, a narrative as captivating as the finest fiction.

And lo, my scholarly pursuits lead me to a cosmic quest: the origin of planetesimals, those elemental architects of planetary bodies. With each step, I uncover the cosmic choreography that shapes these building blocks, unveiling a story of celestial creation, scripted by the cosmic hand.

When the mantle of academia lifts, you'll find me beneath the shade of a welcoming tree, lost within the realms of fiction, or immersed in spirited socio-political discourse with dear friends. My heart, too, resonates with the rhythms of nature, as I explore the world through treks and nature walks, an ardent enthusiast of Earth's ecological symphony.

So here I stand, a seeker of knowledge, a wanderer of galaxies, and a custodian of nature's wonders.