PEOPLE Faculty
International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, Bengaluru
Area of Research:  Physical biology and soft condensed matter physics
  +91 80 6730 6290, +91 80 4653 6290    
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Education and employment :

    Research interests :
    Mechanobiology, Physics of the Actomyosin Cytoskeleton, Active Mechanical Processes in Developmental Biology, Mechanochemical Pattern formation, Soft Condensed Matter Physics, Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics.

    Understanding biological systems through the lens of classical statistical physics and soft condensed matter physics is the primary research interest of the group. Current focus is on mechanochemical pattern formation as relevant to morphogenetic processes in developing embryos. We are interested in how mechanochemical patterns are involved in (i) the emergence of cell polarity, (ii) axis establishment in early embryogenesis, (iii) tissue deformations...etc.

    We are also a Max Planck partner group working in collaboration with the Biological Physics group at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems in Dresden, Germany.

    See the Physical biology group page and Vijay's homepage for more details on members, research, postdoc opportunities.

    We teach a course on the "Physics of Living Matter" at ICTS.


    Publications :

    1. Pulsatory Patterns in Active Fluids, K Vijay Kumar, Justin S Bois, F Jülicher, and S W Grill, Physical Review Letters, 112, 208101 (2014)
    2. Phase-space topology of models for cell polarity, Philipp Khuc Trong, Ernesto M. Nicola, Nathan W. Goehring, K Vijay Kumar, S W Grill, New Journal of Physics, 16, 065009 (2014)
    3. Forces Generated by Cell Intercalation Tow Epidermal Sheets in Mammalian Tissue Morphogenesis, E Heller, K Vijay Kumar, S W Grill and E Fuchs, Dev. Cell, 28, 617 (2014)
    4. Exact solution of a Brownian inchworm model for self-propulsion, A Baule, K Vijay Kumar and S Ramaswamy, J. Stat. Mech., P11008 (2008)
    5. Active elastic dimers : Self-propulsion and current reversals, K Vijay Kumar, S Ramaswamy and M Rao, Phys. Rev. E 77, 020102(R) (2008)