PEOPLE Faculty (Former)
IIT Madras
Area of Research:  Fast algorithms, Numerical linear algebra, Approximation theory, Data assimilation, Computational statistics

Academic profile:
Courant Instructor (2013-2015): Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Ph.D in Computational Mathematics (2013): Stanford University
M.S in Computational Mathematics (2013): Stanford University
M.S in Statistics (2013): Stanford University
B.Tech & M.Tech (Dual Degree) in Aerospace Engineering (2007): Indian Institute of Technology Madras

My research lies in the field of computational and applied mathematics mainly in fast algorithms, approximation theory and numerical linear algebra. The overarching goal of my research is to design innovative, efficient, fast, scalable algorithms taking advantage of the underlying structure such as invariance, sparsity, self-similarity, etc., for mathematical problems arising out of applications. To be specific, I work on fast low-rank factorizations, fast multipole method and direct solvers for structured matrices with application to elliptic PDEs, integral equations, quadratures, computational statistics, inverse problems, data assimilation, filtering and other related areas of computational science.