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I am Priyadarshi, a 5th-year graduate student at the International Centre for Theoretical Sciences (ICTS), Bengaluru. I mainly work in quantum gravity and quantum field theory in the group led by Prof. Suvrat Raju.

The unification of quantum field theory and gravity is a persistent challenge in theoretical physics. While string theory is likely the best possible framework, we do not have a complete theory that can answer questions about the real world. It helps to explore more deeply the various limits of string theory, and in particular, low-energy gravity theory. These studies do yield valuable insights, like the holography of information in a theory of quantum gravity. The main reason quantum gravity distinguishes itself from any other quantum field theory is the existence of gravitational constraints (WDW equations). In my PhD, I have mainly worked to study these constraints and their solutions. Specifically, I studied quantum gravity in de Sitter space, which approximately describes the expansion phase of the very early universe and also the current universe. We have found the Hilbert space in de Sitter quantum gravity and have a prescription for the holography of information at the late time de Sitter slice. We are exploring how our construction could be related to the cosmological correlators.

I also have a keen interest in asymptotic observables, currently focusing on developing an interacting field theory for massive fields at spatial infinity in flat space. This could be related to the recent understandings of asymptotic observables and also to the Celestial CFT.

Before joining ICTS, I have completed my masters from Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata, and undergrad from Scottish Church College, Kolkata.

Apart from my research work, I am interested in sketching, running, book-reading and listening to old music.


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