ICTS Course on Open Quantum Systems

Instructors: Manas KulkarniR Loganayagam

Prerequisites: Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Physics.

Tentative Topics:

  • 1. Basic stochastic processes (Introduction to probability - Classical and Quantum) : 
  • 2. Density matrix (Markovian evolution equations, Decoherence) :   
  • 3. Hybrid quantum systems (Light-matter, Quantum optics, photon statistics) : 
  • 4. Driven dissipative systems (Cavity-QED, Circuit-QED systems) : 
  • 5. Beyond Markov Approximation (Nakajima-Zwanzig projection operator) : 
  • 6. Open Quantum field theory (Schwinger-Keldysh, Diagrammatic methods in open quantum systems) : 

Textbooks :

  1. Heinz-Peter Breuer and Francesco Petruccione, The theory of open quantum systems [GoogleBooks Page]
  2. Howard Carmichael, An Open Systems Approach to Quantum Optics
  3. Howard Carmichael, Statistical Methods in Quantum Optics 1. Master Equations and Fokker-Planck Equations
  4. Esteban A. Calzetta, Bei-Llok B. Hu, Nonequilibrium Quantum Field Theory [GoogleBooks Page]