PEOPLE Graduate Student
International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, Bengaluru
  +91 80 4653 6164    
  divyajaganathan  ictsresin

I completed my undergraduate studies in Chemical Engineering, and then pursed Master's degree in Fluids and Thermal Sciences. I have previously worked on modeling a fluid-structure interaction problem of blood flow (low Re) through a compliant vessel to understand any flow-bias properties rendered by the shape of the vessel and its ability to comply its shape to the flow within in. This work was motivated towards exploring a way of addressing venous insufficiency. Later, I have briefly worked on studying parallel computational performance of an ocean model (MPAS) built on unstructured and variable-resolution mesh, and also demonstrated a particular way to improve its computational load-balance across the parallel processing units using depth-weighted mesh-partitioning algorithm, which was previously depth-ignorant. 

Besides that, I enjoy cryptic crosswords and music.

Area of Research: Fluid dynamics, Computational modelling, Fluid-structure interaction