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Date: 02 May 2023

TIFR is pleased to introduce a new Ph.D. program, the TIFR Interdisciplinary Programme in the Physics of Life (TIFR- PoL), for students with a background in physics, engineering, and computer science.

Living systems present some of the most challenging problems in science. For example, the origin of life, the evolution of complexity, and the functioning of the brain. Ideas from quantitative disciplines are becoming indispensable to biology.

The programme will include foundational courses in soft and active matter physics, data sciences, modern experimental methods, and biology.

Students will have the opportunity to work with participating research groups across multiple TIFR Centres.

Eligible candidates can apply to the Graduate Program in Physics of Life by completing the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM. Candidates will need to upload the score card from the admissions test (JEST/ GATE/ UGC-CSIR) electronic copies of your transcripts, CV, a statement of purpose, and contact details of two referees.

Applications based on the JEST/GATE/UGC-CSIR tests is online now. Application deadline is 27 May 2023. Deadline for recommendation letters is 27 May 2023. Candidates satisfying the following criteria can apply: 

  • JEST: Rank up to 100 (Physics)
  • GATE: Rank up to 500 (Chemical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Statistics, and Engineering Sciences) 
  • UGC-CSIR NET [JRF-eligible]: Rank up to 100 (Physical Sciences and Mathematical Sciences)

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