Date: 08 December 2014


International Centre for Theoretical Sciences of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (ICTS-TIFR), Bangalore, invites applications from highly motivated and academically bright students for a summer program, ICTS - S.N. Bhatt Memorial Excellence Fellowship Program 2015.
Founded in 2007, ICTS is a new initiative in Indian science. It is conceived to contribute to the growth of excellence in basic sciences through its programs, interactions and cross-fertilization between disciplines. ICTS provides a platform and infrastructure to organize various activities in theoretical and mathematical sciences. The program is supported by the S. N. Bhatt Memorial Trust, which has been constituted to promote education and to support scientific research.

ICTS has an active research program. Current research spans the areas of astrophysical relativity, physical biology, statistical physics and turbulence, data assimilation and dynamical systems, and string theory. Other areas under consideration are cosmology, multiscale and complex systems including interface with theoretical biology, mathematics, computer science and those areas of computational sciences which have a strong interface with the research areas at ICTS. Further details about the activities of the Centre are available at  www.icts.res.in/research

This program offers undergraduate/masters students of Science and Engineering (please refer to the eligibility criteria listed below for details) a unique opportunity to work with the faculty and post-doctoral fellows of the Centre and to participate in research at the frontiers of knowledge. In addition, students will attend a series of lectures and participate in programming and outreach activities of the Centre organized in Bangalore. Students will be required to prepare a report on their work at ICTS, based on which they may be asked to give a seminar.

This program will be held at ICTS-TIFR, Bangalore during 1st May – 31st July 2015. Selected students will be offered a stipend of Rs 30,000 for the entire duration of the summer program (8 weeks). In addition, appropriate accommodation, office space, travel support (3 tier AC return rail-fare from the home institution) and other necessary facilities shall be made available by the Centre.

Undergraduate students of science, mathematics and appropriate branches of engineering, who are in their third, fourth or fifth year of the program are eligible to apply. Masters degree students and those who have completed their undergraduate in the academic year 2013-14 are also welcome to apply.  Students with an exceptionally good academic record and who have completed their Masters degree in recent years are also welcome to apply.

How to Apply:
Online application form is available on the ICTS website at url forms.icts.res.in/summer-program. Deadline for online submissions is 20th January, 2015. Please also arrange to send two reference letters directly to the e-mail summer.program@icts.res.in prior to the deadline.