31 October 2019

Abhinav Kumar (Visiting Researcher, Stony Brook University, USA) has recently joined the ICTS community as an Infosys Visiting Professor.

With a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, Abhinav’s research interests are focused around the fields of number theory, algebraic geometry combinatorics and discrete geometry.            “On my first visit to ICTS, I noted that it is a very dynamic and ascendant research institute, with leading faculty who are committed to all aspects of research, mentorship, teaching and outreach. So, I am extremely honored and pleased to join ICTS as a visiting professor and hope to have very positive interactions with my new set of colleagues”, says Abhinav on joining ICTS.

Abhinav’s most recent work on sphere packing has created excitement in the mathematics community and has been featured in the May 2019 edition of Quanta Magazine. On his visit to ICTS in November 2019, he will be delivering a series of lectures as a part of the Sphere Packing program

A very warm welcome to Dr. Abhinav Kumar from all of us!