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String Theory Lectures
Amit Sever (Tel Aviv University, Israel & CERN, Geneva)
Date & Time
24 June 2019 to 26 June 2019
Emmy Noether Seminar Room, ICTS Bangalore

Lecture 1: Monday, 24 June 2019 at 14:30

Lecture 2: Tuesday, 25 June 2019 at 14:30

Lecture 3: Wednesday, 26 June 2019 at 11:30

After two decades of intense study, we have achieved a good understanding of the holographic principle. There are still important aspects of it that beg for a better understanding, such as the holographic map and the corresponding emergence of bulk locality. One strategy is to drive an explicit holographic duality in a specific theory and to extract general lessons from it. In trying to do so, it is often very useful to consider first the simplest possible model and simplest possible limit of it that is yet non-trivial and captures parts of the general structure. The fishnet model in the 't Hooft large N limit is an example of such a model in four dimensions. It is an interacting CFT, with a relatively simple perturbative Feynman diagrammatics. Furthermore, the coupling constant is a free parameter that can be tuned as wish. Since the model and N = 4 SYM theory are continuously linked, the study of the former is expected to shed light on the latter. 

The first talk will consist of an overview and will focus on the computation of correlation functions of twist operators in that model. In the second and third talks, we will construct its holographic dual at strong and finite coupling correspondingly.