Cosmic zoom
Amitabh Joshi (Evolutionary Biologists, JNCASR) and TNC Vidya (Evolutionary Biologists, JNCASR)
Date & Time
31 March 2021, 19:00 to 20:30


For living organisms, size affects all kinds of characteristics including their internal structures and behaviours. This is because large differences in size affect the manner in which organisms interact with and respond to different components of their physical environment. Small animals are affected much less by gravity than larger ones but are far more affected by surface tension of water. And many of these differences are literally matters of life and death and, therefore, size plays an important role in shaping the evolution of multiple characteristics of different species. Join Professors Amitabh Joshi and TNC Vidya as they have a chat with Berty Ashley about the role that size plays in organisms.

About The Speakers

Amitabh Joshi's lab at JNCASR works with theoretical (largely simulations) and mostly experimental work on multiple questions in evolutionary biology and population dynamics. Their experimental work involves long-term studies with lab populations of Drosophila. Amitabh is the founding Member of the Indian Society of Evolutionary Biologists (ISEB).

TNC Vidya is interested in vertebrate behaviour and socioecology, while maintaining broader interests in the areas of behavioural ecology, conservation biology, phylogeography, and evolutionary biology. Her lab specializes in studying the socioecology of the Asian elephant in southern India.