Infosys-ICTS String Theory Lectures
Jared Kaplan ( Johns Hopkins University, USA )
Date & Time
06 December 2017, 14:30 to 16:00
Madhava Lecture Hall, ICTS Campus, Bangalore

I will discuss how black hole thermodynamics in 2+1 dimensional gravity arises universally from 1+1 dimensional conformal field theory at large central charge. The black hole information paradox in AdS/CFT can then be cast as a series of more or less tractable sub-problems. I will explain how many of these can also be addressed in the case of 2d CFT by computing non-perturbative effects in G_N expansion. Finally, I will discuss how it's possible to reconstruct exact candidate bulk field operators in AdS_3. By examining the correlators of these bulk fields we will see how computable non-perturbative effects in quantum gravity lead to the breakdown of bulk locality.