This website provides information on ICTS campus responses to COVID-19, coordinated by the medical centre and the ICTS management. It will be updated frequently with current information and instructions. It is important that all ICTS members read the entire document carefully and adhere strictly and literally to the guidelines mentioned.

Don’t panic, and take care to minimize spread. Social distancing is the key.

There have been no confirmed COVID-19 cases on campus. Much more stringent guidelines will apply should there be such a case, and contingency plans are in preparation for this.

​Coronavirus Symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Dry Cough
  • Breathlessness

If you have the above symptoms, please wear a mask immediately and contact your local medical centre. If on campus, please contact the medical Centre at 6102 or send email to The campus Senior Medical Officer, Dr. Patil, is the only person authorized to issue a fitness certificate for returning to campus. 

General guidelines:

If you have returned from outside Bangalore, quarantine is mandatory before you enter campus. This applies both to International and National travel.

  • MOHFW guidelines for home quarantine
  • Self quarantine is when an individual limits social interaction and stays at a secluded place (Home) for a period of time.
    • What is self quarantine? It is the situation where you do not interact with any one in person. You stay indoors without interacting with anyone face to face. You cannot step out for a walk, smoke, drink, pick up an order from swiggy, or say hello to your friend. You use digital communication mode to interact with others. The caretaker has to drop food and other necessary items at your doorstep and you open the door wearing a mask after they leave, to pick up the items.
    • This is to ensure that they will minimize the chances of transmitting any contagious infections/diseases, even if they might not be experiencing symptoms.
  • If you have gone outside the city and are returning to campus, it is mandatory to do the following:
    • Inform the Medical Center:
    • If you have come from abroad, please self quarantine for 15 days. Unless your only place of residence is on-campus, your quarantine place should be off-campus. For example, if your home-town is outside Bangalore or you stay off campus, please go there.
    • 5 days self quarantine is mandatory REGARDLESS of where you have come from or how you travelled to Bangalore.
    • If, after your quarantine period, you are not showing any symptoms of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) please contact the medical officer for an appointment. You may only enter the campus after receiving his clearance.
  • In case you begin to show signs of COVID-19 while on campus
    • Wear a mask immediately
    • Contact the medical center (6102) for further instructions
  • Visitors are not allowed to enter campus unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Please cooperate with security and staff on campus, they are following instructions to ensure the health and safety of everyone.
  • All campus members visiting campus are requested to keep a close check on their own health.
  • Avoid eating outside, unnecessary travel and going into crowded places.
  • Limit social interaction as much as possible
  • If you feel like you have been in contact with someone exhibiting symptoms of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) please contact the nearest medical center, and follow their instructions. Do not travel or visit anyone without receiving medical clearance.
  • While on campus, please try to work so that social distance is maintained. The ideal distance is 1.5-2 metres. This applies in all places: canteen, buses or sharing room.
  • Working from home is encouraged when your presence is not required on campus.
  • Avoid large meetings
  • Keep your hands washed and your work surfaces clean and sanitized
  • Ensure that ALL offices and meeting points on campus have nearby access to hand sanitizer.
  • Keep daily use items clean. These include backpacks, shoes, laptops, cellphone phones, headphones, watches etc.
  • Drinking water point instructions:
    • Before you refill the water bottle please wash your bottle thoroughly and your hands
    • Place the water bottle away from the drinking water outlet for refill. Do NOT touch the mouth of the bottle to the outlet of drinking water.
    • While drinking water directly from the fountain, place your mouth away from the fountain
    • Elbows can be used to operate the water outlet wherever it is possible.
    • Please help and correct if you find anyone around you who does not know how to use it correctly.
  • Quarantine Space is being set up on campus: Indus Guest House (16 rooms)
  • All meeting rooms have been deep-cleaned by the staff
  • Transport:
    • Deep cleaning of all the campus vehicles like cabs, shuttles, ambulance, etc. is arranged for.
    • Drivers have been advised to wear face masks.
    • Frequency of shuttle service will be reduced on both IISc and NCBS routes. The revised shuttle timing will be shared in due course.
  • Campus Hygiene: The following items have been made available:
    • Sterillium Rub-in hand disinfectant- This is a hand rub. Bottles have been placed at several accessible locations.
    • Rectified spirit- This should be used to clean all your computers, phones, laptops, electronics etc. You may use this to clean up your door handle and table
    • Hand gloves and Triple layer face mask - Individuals are encouraged to make use of these should they be in contact with suspected cases.
  • The library will be closed till 31 Mar 2020. People are advised to check-out essential books by 17 March 20. 
  • Sports Complex and Pool will be closed till 31 March 2020
  • Visitors are not allowed in the hostels till these restrictions are lifted.
  • The day-care centre will remain closed till 31 March 2020.
  • The Medical Centre will remain open.
  • Any person having any type of cold and flu but having no recent international travel history should also meet the senior medical officer / duty doctor for a health screening with a prior appointment.  

Canteen Measures:

  • Food service hours have been extended (12.30 to 14.45 hrs) so as to reduce crowding.
  • Entry to dining area should only be through the hand wash area side
  • Restriction to number of people coming inside the canteen at peak hours
  • In the canteen and elsewhere please maintain a social distance of 1.5 metres -2 metres. Do not crowd around tables, and please use the outdoor seating as far as possible.
  • Take extra precautions to minimise hand contact with the metal surfaces on the cafeteria counter and table surfaces.
  • Anyone with any symptom may not use the canteen facility.
  • They should self-isolate as per quarantine guidelines to avoid possible community spread of disease
  • If you cannot isolate yourself from them, then you should also self isolate. 5 days for national travel and 15 days for international travel. In this case do NOT come to campus.
  • Make an appointment with the Medical Centre informing them of the situation and obtain explicit advice, and upon completion of the isolation time, obtain permission for your return to the campus.

If I have travelled within the city, can I come to the campus?

Yes, but please monitor yourself, and limit interactions with people. If you have travelled extensively it may be best to self-quarantine. Inform the medical centre before taking this step.

What is self quarantine?

Self quarantine is when an individual limits social interaction and stays at a secluded place, such as their home, for a period of time to minimize the risk of transmitting the coronavirus. Inform the medical centre before taking this step.

How long do I have to be under self-quarantine?

Self-quarantine for domestic travel must last for 5 days, and it is 15 days for those who have travelled internationally, or come in contact with someone who travelled internationally.

Do I have to self-quarantine if I am visited by people from out of town?

Yes, even if you have not travelled, please follow the self-quarantine advisory before returning to campus. Inform the medical centre before taking this step.

How long should I self-quarantine if I feel normal/fine?

Please self-quarantine for 5 days, and make an appointment with the campus medical centre to be cleared before resuming work on campus.

  • If you are in the quarantine period, do NOT come to campus ‘just to pick up some stuff’
  • If you have to return from travel, do NOT simply postpone your travel for 5 days and then land up right away. The time for quarantine starts from the time of your return to Bangalore.
  • If you have a friend who is returning from outside the city, do NOT hold them up in your hostel room. This is a serious honour code violation. This will potentially bring infection onto the campus.
  • Do NOT land up on campus asking for a quarantine room. If you’re off campus and in quarantine time, STAY off campus. We are trying to minimize spread. Honour code.
  • If you are expecting a Swiggy or courier delivery, do NOT ask them to come onto campus. The items should be picked up from the designated outside gate.
  • Do NOT encourage any off-campus visitors.
  • If you’re in quarantine, do NOT meet people except by videoconf. Even if off campus. Don’t promote community spread of the disease.
  • Do NOT come to the campus health centre during your quarantine period. Contact the staff through X6102 or Don’t overwhelm them, this is a very busy time.

Acknowledgement: This web advisory is modified form of BLiSc web advisory