• Classical General Relativity and Gravitational Waves     [Sukanta Bose and Sanjay Jhingan]    Dec. 15  and  Dec.  16        Click here for W1 Schedule


  • Cosmology       [Eiichiro Komatsu and L. Sriramkumar ]  :  Dec. 15 and Dec. 18                     Click here for W2 Schedule



  • [A maximum of three abstracts can be submitted/accepted per presenter, for possible consideration as a Contributed Talk/Poster]. 



A poster should be made in A0 Size, and should use fonts which are easy to read. Orientation can be landscape or portrait. A 4 feet x 4 feet display board will be available for each poster.  

The schedule for Poster display will be as follows :

14th Dec. 3 p.m. to 15th Dec. 8 p.m.   : PARALLEL SESSION W1

16th Dec. 9 a.m. to 17th Dec. 3 p.m.   : PARALLEL SESSION W2

18th Dec. 9 a.m. to   19th Dec.  3 p.m.  :  PARALLEL SESSION  W3

On every day from 15th Dec. to 19th Dec. the hour 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. will be POSTER VIEWING hour when presenters will be requested to be available beside their poster for discussion.



MINI-SESSIONS on Dedicated Themes                       Click here for Schedule



  • Gravity as an Emergent Phenomenon    [Coordinator : T. Padmanabhan]      Thursday, December 15, 2011;    1400 - 1730 hrs

          Speakers  : Rong-Gen Cai, Shiraz Minwalla, T. Padmanabhan, Rafael Sorkin, Kip Thorne

Schedule : To Be Announced.

Recent research suggests that gravity could be an emergent phenomenon like elasticity or fluid mechanics. Such an idea is fairly old --- possibly dating back to Sakharov --- and different researchers have tried to interpret and implement this idea in different ways. This minisession will examine the evidence for such a paradigm, some of the approaches, their current status and open issues. It will consist of a few short presentations with some time made available for open discussion. All ICGC participants are welcome to attend the session.
  • Dark Energy    [Coordinator : Varun Sahni]      Friday, December 16, 2011; 1500 - 1830 hrs

          Speakers  : Marie-Noelle Celerier, Joshua Frieman, Eric Linder, Varun Sahni 

Schedule : Varun Sahni, Joshua Frieman.  Eric Linder.  COFFEE BREAK.  Marie-Noelle Celerier. Discussion.

The Dark Energy session will focus on observational and theoretical aspects of an accelerating cosmology. It will cover future surveys including DES, non-Einsteinian approaches to cosmic acceleration and the affect of inhomogeneities on cosmological inferences of dark energy. The session will consist of lectures by Prof. M-N Celerier, Prof. Joshua Frieman and Prof. Eric Linder. It will also include an open discussion on various aspects of the accelerating Universe and dark energy.


  • Astronomy with a Global Network of Gravitational-Wave Detectors  [Coordinator : B. S. Sathyaprakash]    Sunday December 18; 1500 - 1830 hrs

          Invited speakers  Stephen Fairhurst, Sergey Klimenko, Chris van den Broeck. Talks to be followed by an extended Roundtable Discussion.

Schedule : Chris Van Den Broeck. Stephen Fairhurst. Sergei Klimenko. COFFEE BREAK. Roundtable Discussion.


Gravitational wave detectors have quadrupolar antenna patterns with wide sky coverage. Even a single detector would be sensitive to a third of the sky, but their ability to resolve a transient source is very poor. A global network of three or more detectors is essential to
fully reconstruct the incident radiation and extract the best possible science. Since the current network of two detectors (LIGO) in the US, two in Europe (Virgo and GEO600) and Japan (LCGT) are roughly coplanar and don't fully exploit the global baseline that could, in principle,
significantly improve the measurement of the source's parameters.The mini session will discuss the advantages of extending the global network, in particular of building a detector in India or Australia with regard to improvements in the angular resolution of the network,
enhanced accuracy in the estimation of the source's distance, polarization of the waves, and the inclination of the binary with respect to the line of sight.



  • Please note that talks in the Mini-sessions are by invitation only.