The program will take place in the campus of the Institute of Physics. The participants and some of the invited speakers would be accommodated on the campus. The rest will be staying at the Hotel Suryansh. You would be informed about your place of stay. We will attempt to provide transportation to  International and National invitees from the airport to the place of the stay. Please look for a placard with name IOP. In the case of the Railway station, sometimes it may not be possible to provide the transportation due to the uncertainties in the arrival time. In that case, the participants can take an auto/taxi to the place of stay. The approximate cost from the station would be Rs 70 by auto.

Emergency Phone Numbers

In case of any problem that you may face on arrival and need to contact the organizers, you can do so using the following phone numbers.

Institute of Physics: 2301058, 2301823, 2301205
Bhubaneswar Code: 0674, India Code: 91

Name • Office Extn. • Home • Mobile
Pankaj Agrawal • 2301058, Ext. 214 • Direct 2301197 • Mob  9937372473
Arun K. Pati • 2301058, Ext. 277


The lunch and the dinner would be served in the institute campus (near the Library area) from January 4th-30th, 2010.  The launch time is 1PM-2.30PM and the dinner time is 8PM-9.30PM. The place of the breakfast would depend on the accommodation. Those staying in the campus would be served breakfast on campus near the library.  Breakfast time is 8.30 AM-9.30 AM. Those staying in the hotel would be served breakfast at the hotel.


For your talks, LCD projectors would be available. A laptop or a PC can be connected to these projectors. If you so choose, you can bring your own Laptop, or a talk can be loaded to a local Laptop or PC for display. Old fashioned overhead projector would also be available.

Computer Facilities

If you bring your own Laptop with a wireless access card, you can get access to the Internet easily. There will be areas available for wireless Internet connectivity. A number of PCs for Internet access would also be available.