Sl. No. Name Poster Title
1 Adrita Chakraborty Growth and resistance of different E. coli mutators under antibiotic selection pressure
2 Ajinkya Bharatraj Patil Population genomics of the green peafowl
3 Aparna Lajmi Repeated evolution of supergene on an ancient conserved chromosome
4 Ayush Valecha Effect of Selfish Male Determining Elements on Mating System Evolution
5 Chinmaya Jena Unravelling antibiotic responses: Insights into resistance and non-canonical adaptation to spectinomycin
6 Dheeraj Chaudhary Genetic characterization of Gaddi tribe of Himalayas
7 Dhrubojyoti Patra Does mother’s ecological context alter offspring quality?
8 Jaysmita Saha Inversions shed light on the evolutionary history of the Lake Malawi cichlids
9 Malvika Srivastva Alphabet Cardinality and Adaptive Evolution
10 Muhammed Nirjas Genetic bases of adaptation against coinfection
11 Namratha Raj M Investigation of the curious case of same-sex mating in haploid Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells and the subsequent rise in diploid frequency.
12 Nikhil Sharma On the role of deleterious mutations in long-term evolution
13 Rahul Kumar Pulvinaria urbicola Cockerell, 1893 (Hemiptera: Coccidae) has evolved alternative survival strategies under multiple selection pressures
14 Sakshi Pahujani Theory of adaptation to a moving optimum
15 Sanghamitra Kumar Do environments play a role in the development of reproductive barriers in allopatric speciation?
16 Shailesh Desai Domestication in India: the genetics roots of indigenous breed
17 Shazia Parveen Understanding the role of mutation bias in adaptation to constant environments
18 Sophia Salum Shaban Using Lake Victoria Cichlids to study evolution of rarity and commonness rock species in Lake Victoria, Tanzania
19 Soumya Panyam Temperature and Intralocus sexual conflict in Drosophila
20 Vaibhav Sharma Evolving Superorganism: Patchy distribution of resources results in the selection of traits desirable at the level of microbial predator-prey communities