"International Centre for Theoretical Sciences of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (ICTS-TIFR) is a partner institution in Mathematics Of Planet Earth (MPE2013), a year long worldwide program designed to showcase ways in which the mathematical sciences can be useful in tackling our world's problem"

As part of many activities to spread this awareness amongst the general public, ICTS-TIFR in collaboration with TIFR-CAM is organizing an Intercollegiate, all India MPE2013 Exhibition competition.

Call to participate:

ICTS-TIFR invites you to submit your entries for virtual exhibits or modules. The best ideas will be shortlisted by an eminent panel of judges and selected to be awarded and showcased in an exhibition.This exhibition will illustrate to children, youth and public at large, the importance and essential nature of Mathematics in tackling planetary issues related to the following themes:


Award Co-sponsor by :  Strand                       


1st prize: Rs.25,000

2nd prize: Rs.15,000

3rd prize: Rs.10,000

Consolation prizes worth Rs. 2000/- will be awarded to the next top 25 entries each.Best mentor certificates, for selected mentors.


For more details Email us: mpe2013@icts.res.in

Basic rules for competition:

  1. Exhibit idea should be open source, original and should not have been submitted elsewhere.
  2. The exhibit can be submitted in various formats (physical modules, interactive exhibits, posters, films, any other ideas). Example at: http://www.imaginary-exhibition.com/mpe2013/imaginary-modules-overview.html
  3. The decision of the judges will be final.

Deadline for submission:       15th August 2013

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Competition poster