While applying for the program (in the registration form), every participant should select three projects of preference from the below options. We also request to please justify your choices by connecting it to your current line of research and state whether you are familiar with necessary concepts and have seen the background materials stated for those projects. We hope to use this information while assigning most suitable projects to each selected participant. During the workshop, students will get to work on only one of the project which they have been assigned by the committe.

P1: Measurement of Cluster halo density profile and estimation of the Splashback Radius

P2: Extracting cosmological information from the large-scale structure signal: Baryon Acoustic Oscillations and Redshift Space Distortions

P3: Reionization constraints using 21 cm observations

P4: Identification of substructure in large stellar surveys

P5: Reanalysis of Cosmic Shear Measurements from the Dark Energy Survey

P6: Multi-messenger Astronomy: Cross correlations between GW sources and galaxies

P7: Measurement of the weak lensing signal of galaxy clusters and their halo density profile