Name Poster title
1 Abhijit Sen Single Crystal Structures and Magnetism of a Novel Quasi-One-Dimensional Spin-1/2 Antiferromagnetic Compound
2 Adam Iaizzi​ Direct numerical observation of Bose-Einstein condensation of deconfined spinons
3 Analabha Roy Many Body Quantum Kinetics in the Phase Space: Simulating spin dynamics by the BBGKY trajectories of sampled phase points
4 Animesh Nanda Phases and Phase Transitions in Anisotropic Gamma-J-K Model
5 Ankur Das Phase Transition in SU(N)xU(1) Gauge Theory with M Fundamental Bosons(Phase Transition in Emergent Gauge Theory)
6 Archana Mishra Interaction effects on the Kane Mele model in the Hofstadter regime
7 Ashutosh Rathi Interplay between spin and charge dynamics in complex (3d → 5d) magnetic oxides
8 Atanu Maity Quantum Theory of Spin Wave in Helical Phase in Hollandite Lattice
9 Ayushi Singhania Cluster mean field study of Heisenberg model for CuInVO5
10 Debasmita Maiti Quantum Phase Diagram of Frustrated Spin-1/2 System on a Trellis lattice
11 Kai-Hsin Wu Tunneling-induced restoration of classical degeneracy in quantum kagome ice
12 Kavita Yadav Existence of double glassy transitions in the heusler compound Fe1.75Mn0.25CrAl
13 Manoj Kumar Ordering in a disordered magnet with tunable frustration
14 Manuel Weber Action-based quantum Monte Carlo approach to fermion-boson and spin-boson models
15 Nisheeta Desai The classical dimer model on the square bilayer lattice
16 Prashanta Kumar Mukharjee Magnetic properties of a quasi-one-dimensional spin - 1 /2 chain antiferromagnet: NaVOPO4
17 Pratyay Ghosh Renormalization Group Study of the J1-J2-J3 Heisenberg model on a Body Centred Cubic Lattice
18 Saurabh Kumar Srivastav Quantum limit of thermal conductance in graphene
19 Shams Sohel Islam Frustration of square cupola in Sr(TiO)Cu4(PO4)4
20 Tobias Mueller Stability of the spiral spin liquid in MnSc$_2$S$_4$
21 Tushar Kanti Bose Numerical Simulations of Topological Spin Glass in Weakly Diluted Spin Ice