Eligibility for the School:

Applications are invited from Masters and PhD students, and Postdoctoral researchers, especially those working in Mathematical Biology. A few participants who are advanced Undergraduates (4th year onwards) may be considered.

Due to the advanced nature of the instruction it is important that the participants are completely comfortable with applied mathematics instruction at the level of a Masters student. While the School is potentially open to students from any branch of science or engineering, a background in mathematics or physics is highly recommended.

Application for long-term visit:

ICTS encourages high quality research be developed from the Schools it organizes. In order to promote such interaction between participants and their mentors, a select number of the School participants will be invited to stay on after the School at ICTS for a period of upto two months to work on a research problem together with a mentor. The mentors will include the faculty involved in the School as well as others resident at ICTS interested in this program.

Those interested in the long-term visit will be encouraged to discuss potential problems with mentors during the School. Once a research problem is found which the student and mentor are willing to take forward, we will facilitate a long-term stay at ICTS.

If you wish to be considered for the long-term visit, please indicate this on the application form.



Applications are currently open.

The last date for receiving the complete application is 26th March.

Selected participants will be informed by the first week of April.