Discussion Meeting
Pandu Rangan Chandrasekaran (IIT-Madras, India)
15 January 2020 to 17 January 2020
Madhava Lecture Hall, ICTS, Bangalore

Blockchain technology is among one of the most influential disruptive technologies of the current decade. Researchers in India with related knowledge and expertise such as cryptology, distributed systems, mathematics, computational finances, and game theory, keenly seek out opportunities for formal programs on blockchain technologies, to explore the subject in depth.

This three-day program is designed as a bootcamp, to help build up an understanding of blockchain technology through intense lecturing, discussions and direct interactions with experts in the field. The lectures are planned to cover topics from basic to the advanced levels, along with discussions on several open problems and research directions. Special focus will be given to two of the most fundamental problems in the field blockchain technology - scalability and privacy.

Blockchain has been a field that is fast growing and with open structure, where concerns regarding privacy and scalability are important for its real world application. Following a brief introduction of the technology and mathematical tools essential for blockchain technology, the program will address solutions such as payment channels, zero knowledge proofs and MPC. It will conclude with a detailed discussion on one of the most recent and powerful models formalising various properties of blockchains.​

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Faculty members who are doing research in cryptology/blockchain/cryptocurrency
  • Researchers/professionals  in industries working in cryptology/blockchain/cryptocurrency​
  • Research scholars and masters level students who have exposure/research experience/project experience in cryptology/blockchain/cryptocurrency
  • Undergraduate CSE/IT students with exceptional academic records and have background in cryptology/blockchain/cryptocurrency


01 December 2019
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