Discussion Meeting
Shripad M. Garge (IIT Bombay), Anupam Kumar Singh (IISER, Pune) and Manoj Kumar Yadav (HRI, India)
22 June 2020 to 26 June 2020
Madhava Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore


In 1955 Claude Chevalley achieved a breakthrough when he managed to define analogues of semisimple Lie groups over integers. By the standard procedure of tensoring, these can then be defined over any field, finite or infinite, or over any commutative ring with identity. These groups encompass all the reductive groups defined over fields and their avatars over rings. It is, therefore, no wonder that this idea immediately became immensely popular. This concept has been useful in, just to give an example, the classification of finite simple groups, the crowning glory of the last century mathematics.

In this discussion meeting on `Chevalley groups and their representations’, we are going to have the following short courses of 5 lectures each. The course given by Vavilov deals with the intrinsic structure of the Chevalley groups while the other, given by Raghavan, deals with the representations of Chevalley groups with the example of GL(V), the mother of all Chevalley groups, in focus. These lecture courses will provide young researchers in India with up-to-date knowledge of the subject.

Invited lecturers:

  1. Nikolai Vavilov (St Petersburg State University, Russia)

  1. K. N. Raghavan (Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India)

Participation is by invitation only. 

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