In under a decade ICTS has succeeded in delivering on its bold vision for itself, of becoming a premier research institution and a platform for the scientific community, Indian as well as international, to meet, interact and collaborate in addressing some the most challenging scientific questions. 

Since the first academic program that was held in Goa in November 2007, ICTS has run nearly 200 programs - schools, discussion meetings, workshops, conferences and summer programs - involving more than 5,800 students and researchers. Of these well over 1600 visitors have been experts from abroad who have shared their expertise with researchers in India working on related subjects. Some of the eminent researchers have delivered public lectures and also visited other institutions around the country at their invitation. The prestigious named lecture series of the ICTS – the Chandrasekhar Lectures in the physical sciences, the Ramanujan lectures in the mathematical sciences and the Alan Turing lectures in computer science, engineering and biology – has been delivered by Nobel laureates, Fields medalists and other distinguished visitors. While at ICTS they have delivered Public Lectures on exciting cutting edge science to packed audiences in Bangalore and other cities in India. 

ICTS has a very strong culture of multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research in various areas of physics, physical biology, and interdisciplinary mathematics. Many new initiatives in research such as mathematical aspects of Monsoon dynamics and computing facilities for a LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory) data centre and other computational sciences are being made available.

Your support will permit ICTS to invest more in all these research and educational activities, including public events that communicate the spirit and excitement of scientific research to interested students and members of civil society, contributing to a culture of innovation and rationality in our country.

As of June 2015, when the new campus of ICTS was inaugurated, all these activities have moved to the more intimate settings provided by ICTS’s world class infrastructure in rural Bengaluru, enhancing the experience further for all participants. We are seeking support to maintain this infrastructure at current levels of excellence over the long term, and to leverage it further to introduce new programs and activities including new named lecture series in the social sciences, arts and humanities. 

You can be sure that your gift, whatever its size, will contribute to creating the maximum impact in celebrating and strengthening India’s traditional strength in the theoretical and mathematical sciences. Our present supporters include:

  • Airbus Corporate Foundation 
  • Infosys Foundation 
  • Simons Foundation 
  • S.N. Bhatt memorial grant