All gifts made by Indian or US taxpayers are eligible for tax deduction.
  • Your gift to our endowment fund would give us the ability to deploy funds flexibly for our most urgent needs providing us with a more secure footing for our activities.
  • You could also support us to reward and encourage our stellar faculty, post-doctoral fellows and Ph.D students with named chair professorships and fellowships.
  • We would also like to institute visiting chair professorships and travel grants for eminent visitors.
  • ICTS students, postdocs and faculty can also participate in international meetings and visit prominent institutions if named travel fellowships could be instituted with your support.
  • Meritorious undergraduate students from all over India could benefit enormously from summer internships. We have also conceived a new year-long program, ‘Mastering Research’, in which we would like to invite students spend a year at ICTS doing a research project and earning a Masters’ degree at the same time. A long term sponsor for this program would be very desirable. 
  • ICTS is open to making available the use of its world-class infrastructure for holding specific discussion meetings, schools, workshops and conferences in collaboration with government and industry. Examples of such programs could be in topics related to education or in topics that can promote industry-academia interactions. We invite your involvement in making this activity meaningful.
  • Support for public lectures and other outreach activities. Our named lecture series, Chandrasekhar, Ramanujam and Turing are extremely prestigious and we would like to add a few new ones in other areas. We would also like to engage with civil society on a regular basis on topics of interest to the general public.
  • ICTS is in the process of creating a Data Centre for the data intensive sciences. We invite the IT-industry in the city to partner us in our new initiative of creating a Tier 2 centre for LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory) computing and ICTS Monsoon Initiative.


If you would like to find out more information or be involved in anyway with the ICTS endowment drive, please fill the form below and we will get back to you soon


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