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Professor G Srinivasan
Raman Research Institute (Retired)

The range of densities, temperatures, magnetic fields, etc. that obtain in the Universe are staggering: from 10-27 g cm-3 to 1015 g cm-3, from 3K to 1010 K, from 10-6 G to 1015 G. Not surprisingly, the variety of physical phenomena one encounters during the study of celestial objects is truly impressive. This set of lectures is intended to illustrate the richness of Astrophysics. It will be a random walk in basic physics, with numerous illustrations from astronomy. The topics in physics that will be reviewed have been chosen on the basis of their importance in contemporary astronomy.


  • Absorption and emission of radiation
  • Radiation from relativistic electrons
  • Compton scattering of radiation
  • Spontaneous and stimulated emission
  • Hyperfine splitting of energy levels
  • Molecular spectra
  • Astrophysical plasma.
  • Quantum tunnelling.
  • Nuclear matter
  • Neutrino Oscillation
  • Phase transitions and the early Universe

During this random walk in physics, one will encounter a range of astronomical objects and phenomena, such as, Solar wind, gaseous nebulae, interstellar hydrogen clouds, giant molecular clouds, neutron stars and pulsars, supernova remnants, radio galaxies and quasars, active galactic nuclei, the cosmic microwave background, etc.


  • L1 – Principles of Radiative Transfer (Video)
  • L2 – Spontaneous and Stimulated emission of radiation (Video)
  • L3 – Interstellar Medium (Video)
  • L4 – Radiation from accelerated charges (Video)
  • L5 – Pulsars, Supernova Remnants and Radio Galaxies. (Video)
  • L6 – Compton Scattering and the Gamma Ray Universe (Video)
  • L7 – Astrophysical Plasma (Video)
  • L8 – The Origin of Stellar Energy (Video)
  • L9 – Neutrino Oscillation and the Solar neutrino puzzle (Video)
  • L10 – Quantum Stars (Video)
  • L11 – Journey to the centre of a Neutron Star (Video)
  • L12 – Millisecond Pulsars (Video)
  • L13 – The Big Bang



  • May - 16, 18, 23, 25 & 30
  • June - 1, 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22 & 27


  • 10:00 AM


  • Madhava Lecture Hall/ Emmy Noether Seminar Room