Amalendu Chandra (IIT-Kanpur, India), N. N. Nair (IIT-Kanpur, India), M. Ranganathan (IIT-Kanpur, India), Srikanth Sastry (JNCASR, India) and Surajit Sengupta (SNBNCBS, India)
03 November 2010 to 13 November 2010
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Molecular Simulations have become a very useful tool to analyze various phenomena in physical, chemical and biological systems.  With the advent of better computational facilities, there has been a significant push towards a molecular level analysis.  Many complex problems in condensed matter systems like protein folding are regularly investigated using molecular simulation techniques. This school aims to provide the conceptual foundations and working knowledge of molecular simulations. The participants will also be exposed to programming and other technical aspects of molecular simulation. In addition, applications ranging from materials to biology will be showcased. The ten day program will include lectures, tutorial and hands-on computer training sessions conducted by the experts in the field.  The proposed school will help the young researchers and students go beyond  the usual curriculum of molecular simulation and statistical mechanics practised in academic institutions.

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