Arindam Ghosh and Krishnendu Sengupta
16 December 2012 to 18 December 2012
Auditorium, New Physical Sciences Building, IISc

The areas of quantum condensed matter physics and quantum information have made substantial theoretical and experimental progress in recent years. Some of such advances are discovery of materials such as graphene and topological insulators whose low energy quasiparticles obey effective Dirac equations, prediction of existence of Majorana fermions as effective low-energy quasiparticles of condensed matter systems, and theoretical and experimental progress in quantum computation.

This mini program, organized in the format of a school, is geared towards presenting the basic physics and current status of these topics to both graduate students and researchers from other sub-fields of condensed matter physics. The school will have three pedagogical lectures by each of the four lecturers on graphene, topological insulators, non-Abelian quantum matter and quantum computation.

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