Mario Chan, Jinwon Choi, R.V. Gurjar, DongSeon Hwang, JongHae Keum, Sagar Kolte and Ravi Rao
21 November 2015 to 30 November 2015
Madhava Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore

This is a joint program of ICTS with TIFR, Mumbai and KIAS, Seoul.

The theory of surfaces has been the cradle to many powerful ideas in Algebraic Geometry. The problems in this area have been attacked in several different ways. This program seeks to bring together leading experts in this field to give a survey of each point of view and to prepare young mathematicians to take this circle of ideas to the next level by arming themselves with a clear understanding of how all the different techniques unite in principle to solve deep problems in Geometry.

The program will be organized in two parts, an advanced school and a discussion meeting:

Scope of Advanced School

This part is intended primarily for young mathematicians: advanced PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows at the beginning of their careers. The school will be six days long and will have three lectures each day by leading experts in the fields of Algebraic Surfaces, Topological Aspects of Surface Theory, Fundamental Groups in Algebraic Geometry and Affine Algebraic Geometry.

Scope of Discussion Meeting

The advanced school will be followed by a three days discussion meeting in which researchers from around the world will present latest results and discuss future research opportunities in the area. This will also be an opportunity for forging stronger research ties between groups in India and Korea working in this field.

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