1. The use of the CCF is a privilege and not a right. It is a campus resource just like any other facility. *** Failure to abide by the regulations can result in restricted usage or dismissal from the CCF based on the severity of the violation.
  2. It is the responsibility of the parents to educate their children about appropriate behavior when in the CCF. While in the CCF, children must respect and listen to the CCF teachers and staff. This applies to staying within CCF premises, participating in activities, respectful behavior and interaction with other kids and CCF staff.
  3. It is the responsibility of the CCF staff to ensure that children do not pose danger to themselves or to others in the facility. CCF staff are not allowed to use corporal punishment in the CCF. Most issues will be dealt with affection and/or redirection to other activities and time out is the only punishment in practice.
  4. The CCF working hours are 08:30am to 06:30pm from Monday to Friday and 09:00am to 04:30pm on Saturday. We request parents to kindly pick kids within the closing time.
  5. The crèche working hours are 08:30 am to 06:30pm [02 to 10 years] and 08:30 am to 06:00 pm [6 months to 2 years] from Monday to Friday and 09:00 am to 04:30 pm on Saturday.  Parents are required to  pick up their kids within the closing time.
  6. Please discourage children from carrying personal items such as toys or books to CCF. Loss of such toys is not the responsibility of CCF and it would also create chaos within the CCF premises.
  7. CCF welcomes parent participation in the activities and operations of the center. Interested parents should kindly direct ideas, queries or complaints to the CCF coordinator via creche [at] The CCF coordinator will respond to their queries in a prompt and timely manner. A CCF parents meeting will be arranged once a year to address issues relating to the daycare facilities. Ultimate decisions in matters of policy and rules and regulations will lie with the Child Care committee and administration. Under no circumstances may the parents order or abuse the CCF staff.
  8. Birthday parties may be celebrated in the CCF, but we request that the parents provide simple, healthy snacks along with cake and juice. Return gifts are strictly disallowed. Please provide plates, spoons, glasses, napkins and candles.  At the birthday parties only four adults are allowed, i.e. parents and grandparents. We strictly do not allow friends/ colleagues /relatives /cousins  of parents or kids to attend the party.
  9. In order to foster a comfortable and safe environment for all children, CCF staff encourage daily routines for activities, meals and sleep schedules. We request that parents respect these routines unless deviations are required for medical reasons. During the first week of attendance, a personal attendant will assist the child and staff in assimilating to CCF routines and the child’s personal needs. Following this period, children will be cared for by all staff throughout the day and personal attendants are not allowed.
  10. Parents are not allowed to give personal gifts or money to the staff or children.
  11. As a part of daily/ weekly activities kids are sometimes taken for nature walks within the ICTS campus with adult supervision. If a parent does not want their ward to be taken for these walks please inform the respective section teachers in writing or email the crèche coordinator.
  12. Other than parents if any other relative/grandparents/colleagues/friends arrive to pick kid(s) from CCF, we request parents to send us the details of the person [name, photo and a valid ID card]  in advance preferably a day before [in known situations].
  13. All parents are required to give in writing about any dietary restrictions, allergic reactions or any sensitive health issues which has to be monitored carefully. Instructions made orally to staff cannot be held as violation of instructions given by parents. In the absence of written instructions, the staff will assume that there are no restrictions for the child.
  14. Parents are not allowed to bring their kid(s) to the crèche immediately after vaccination. Kids may come to crèche after one day from the vaccination time. Note: This policy is only applicable for kids between 6 months to 3 years.
  15. Parents should fill the “Incident form” to report any complaints. Complaints communicated through mails/messages/verbal communication will not be considered and attended to. The Incident Form would be available at the crèche office and parents are requested to collect it during crèche working hours.
  16. Parents may not harass Crèche Coordinator/teachers/care givers. All concerns must be communicated professionally with non-abusive words. All major issues must be communicated in writing.


  1. Parents are requested to provide food and snacks for their children, but please do not send junk food and chocolates that are unhealthy and likely to create conflicts.
  2. CCF has a water filter that provides clean drinking water for the children. However parents should provide drinking water bottles, milk [pre boiled] and lunch. Feeding bottles, water bottles should be sterilized at home. The number of bottles should match the number of feeds. 
  3. CCF has a stock of forks and spoons that may be provided to children upon request. Caregivers will undertake to feed babies and toddlers with a clean spoon. However, they will encourage the toddler to eat independently. 
  4. Parents may not request CCF staff to make arrangements for food for their children or accompany the child to the canteen. On rare and unavoidable occasions (e.g in case of food spillage or spoilage), a staff member may make alternative arrangements via canteen in consultation with parents. 

Health and Hygiene

  1. Dress your child in simple, comfortable, weather appropriate clothes and footwear that are easy to wear. Avoid putting expensive jewelry or party clothing on children. Loss or damage to such items is not the responsibility of CCF staff. 
  2. For infants, please provide adequate number of diapers preferably 5 diapers per day per child, baby wipes and bibs, including spares. If the diapers are used only during sleep hours/play time then parents should provide 2 diapers at least per child each day and we request parents to cooperate with caregivers. 
  3. For health reasons, hygiene matters must be routinely followed for all children equally by the staff. For instance: [a] usage and disposal of  diapers [b]change of clothes [c]sending used clothes back  [d]washing and antiseptic use. 
  4. Clear, written instructions must be provided for proper administration of the prescribed medications. In case of multi-dosage/every day intake, please give it in writing for the care giver. We encourage parents to come down themselves for the medication as well.  
  5. Children suffering from infectious diseases like chickenpox or conjunctivitis, viral fevers or colds, stomach bugs should not be sent to CCF. If CCF staff suspect that a child is suffering from an infectious disease, they will immediately inform the parent, who should then take charge of their children. Such children should not be sent to CCF unless they have been symptom free for at least 24 hours. 
  6. When the child resumes CCF after recovery from certain contagious ailments like chickenpox, HFM virus, Dengue etc should get a Doctor’s certificate stating that the child can be admitted from the mentioned date, preferably from the Ncbs campus resident doctor.
  7. If a child develops fever during the day, parents will be informed and the child will be given a dose of paracetamol if acceptable to the parents. The parents must pick their kids within an hour of intimation.
  8. If a child has any cuts or bruises first aid will be given. The parents will be informed, and the incident would be recorded in ‘Record of accidents’ maintained by the CCF teachers. 
  9. In case of more serious problems the children will be taken to see the campus doctors [if it is within the working hours of medical block] with the permission of parents. 

Pick up and Drop Off

  1. Although CCF staff will pack together the belongings of each child at the end of the day, it is also the responsibility of parents to make sure that they are packed. Baskets and bag will be kept in their respective lockers but in case of missing items please inform the staff as soon as possible. 
  2. Parents should make available the emergency contact numbers of both parents. 
  3. In cases where school buses/vans drop the children within the campus, a CCF staff may receive the child at the housing gate at a pre arranged time. Any changes in the schedule should be brought to the attention of the staff well in advance. CCF staff will not leave ICTS premises to receive any children.